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an annoying fuck as troll that constantly trolls/spams
when all hell breaks loose, spoonlicker is usually the cause. spoonlicker is the reason the ban button and system was advanced.
by Programming Sapien February 05, 2013
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A creepy pervert that looks at you like you are on the menu and like he/she would like to lick the front and back of a spoon clean after sampling a steaming heaping spoon full of poop from your butt. A freak that has a spoon fetish, and a staring problem.
"He just loves his peanut butter like a Spoon Licker. That old Spoon Licker wants a taste of you. Are you on the menu? Because that Spoon Licker can't take his eyes off of you.
by Joe Hucklebuckle April 27, 2009
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A person who licks spoons before returning them to the cutlery drawer
I'm a spoon licker, I'm going to come to your house and lick all your spoons and put them back in the drawer
by Shawnus October 13, 2010
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1. A homosexual man, that sucks cock in bathroom stalls for heroin. 2. A skeezo or whore, that sucks cock for crack
1. "Yo man, don't go to pickle park because that's where all the spoon lickers are."
2. "You can sell all of those rocks to that spoon licker over there.
by champloo007 October 03, 2007
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One who licks spoons in a chinese resturant to see if they wash the silverware if you don't unwrap it from it's casing.
"Cameron is such a spoonlicker!"
by Denny Buttcrack February 15, 2008
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A person who is very lazy and has very very slow replies to texts and other social media's
*Faye sent message 4 hours ago*
*Faye to Luke* 'Luke you're a fucking SpoonLicker
by DIRTYFATJOKES June 17, 2019
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Usually a girl with a sort of exotic name like Peri. She’ll send snapchats of herself to her crush in order to subconsciously send him hint of what she wants to do to his cock.
Peri is a spoonlicker. All she does is send pictures of her licking spoons.
by totallynotcarson123 June 03, 2019
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