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A person of African-American origins referring to the size and shape of his lips.
That little spoonbill just stole my bicycle then tried to sell it to my brother.
by sven June 10, 2004
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A male who falls in love with every chick he meets that has sex with him. The spoonbill usually begins paying her car note and other bills while she cheats on him with all his buddies. Spoonbills live their lives on emotion and can be dangerous (i.e. filing sexual harassment complaints, etc) to protect or obey their girl.
origin: a fictitious bird called a "spoonbill." Legend has it that the female spoonbill mates with many males in its life while the male only mates with one. Example: "Damn! John met a prostitute last night and now he's paying her car note. He's pissed because I fucked her. What a spoonbill!" Verb: spooning. "Why did you by that whore flowers? Dude, you're not spooning are you?"
by Pat Masac July 26, 2007
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