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She stands up for what she believes in and no record company can make you something your not. Considering she switched record labels more than once because they were tring to make her someone she was not. And how many other artists actually write their own songs, play piano, guitar, and drums. Not many especially not many 20 year olds. So no matter what you may think or be jealous that she made it and you didn't dont disrespect her for doing her thing and doing it very well.
Avril Lavigne is a person who is herself, and has put her career from the begining in jeapordy because of that mentality that being an individual is more important than following a record companies beliefs.
by Sven November 01, 2004

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Intarwebz is leet for the internet. Also, it can be used in a joking manner.
"Dude, where did you find that!?" -Person 1
"On teh intarwebz! Duh!!1!" -Person 2
by sven April 24, 2005

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A person of African-American origins referring to the size and shape of his lips.
That little spoonbill just stole my bicycle then tried to sell it to my brother.
by sven June 10, 2004

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The Number one Robot of Doctor Light in the Mega man Series. this robot is the brother of megaman.
protoman is a loner, he's very mysterious..
Protoman Is A Mystery
by Sven May 07, 2003

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An abbreviation of a derogatory term - bull shit, barbara streisand, back stabber (synonomous) for the worst thing you can call or do to someone.
That's a bunch of b.s.!
by sven June 11, 2004

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A person with dingleberries in their facial hair.
Hey! Shitbeard! Go to the back of the line!
by Sven June 30, 2003

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An acronym for "Peace to the Middle East";
person1: "l8r"
person2: "pttme"
by Sven December 03, 2004

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