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one who constantly masturbates cause they cant get the real thing
lt. johnson is a spooger
by reno April 21, 2005
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A combination of a spic, noob, and niger. These types of people tend to fail at many encounters in life, and often bring those around them down as well. The term spooger should only be applied to people who should have been put down by 3rd trimester abortions, or those that are parasites of society. This term can also be applied as a verb, spoogering.
Hey, look at that spooger playing for the Dallas Cowboys, I saw his mother in a bukkake last night.

Would you quite spoogering around already, we need to get to the euthanasia clinic before 5.
by BAMF999 April 01, 2010
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when a guy cums on a girl's face and it goes up her nose; effectively creating spooge boogers. Or boogers made of spooge.
My dude came in my face and I spent the rest of the evening blowing massive spoogers.
by sillygrrl April 29, 2011
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v. or n.

Typically a person who annoys Nick Cash, but more specifically one who masturbates relentlessly and furiously because the real thing is not a possibility due to one's douche bagness
Bryan can't get any, therefore he is doomed to a life of spooging.

LeVaunte's mom caught him getting after it in her own bathroom. What a spooger!!

by Nick E. Cash May 20, 2008
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