Kind loving a bit crazy but will be your best friend for forever
Your as sweet as a flower your name must be lillee
by Chloe_331 May 4, 2018
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she is a nice but an angry person at times. when you get the chance to meet her you will end up as bffs or more.
hey or kind and angry your name must be lillee
by Sugarandspice333 April 5, 2019
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The sweetest, smartest, nicest girl you will ever meet. Her beauty is so much that sometimes everything else around just fades away leaving only her. She will always be nice despite what happens.
Wow that girl is so nice and sweet, she must be named lillee
by thelaserbourn September 13, 2020
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Fucking amazing

Sexy as fuck


Lovely personality

Better than a flower
Hey, you're really amazing. Your name must be Lillee
by Amazing_lil_ January 2, 2016
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A hot tiger that will rip ur shorts off
Whoa that girl I such tiger lillee
by The amazing rere March 21, 2018
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ur gay ass friends. Dahlia is very hot, Lillee is mildly attractive. Often dahlia gets laid but lillee talks to dahlia to get hooked up with some damn hot ass woman.

Dahlia: i just got laid
Lillee: and im still drawing idiot
Dahlia:fuck you
by weirdassdahlia January 4, 2022
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