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Special Delivery Spooger (pn).

A character from 'Fanta Claus Is Comin', a sick parody on the internet of 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town', where names are changed and the animated things screw, and spew forth fluids, a lot.

The earlier person who defined some of his lines was wrong. What he actually said was, 'Oh, Robot Chicken and Denis Leary and Comedy Central too, have used my ideas for TV shows all produced by Jews. But why the fk should I even care 'cause imitation's a form of flattery? Well I made the world laugh, well most of it, and that's what's important to me.' It is Denis Leary because he had a show and those other things are shows. Denis Lilian nor Dennis Lilly or Denis Lillee did not have shows.
Special Delivery Spooger.

The character is the Mailman from the cartoon only he's turned into a drunk sicko who knocks out an old lady and does her, and also craps all over the mail he's not supposed to open.
by denislilleefan November 21, 2011

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