The best anime ever, by far. It is about this sponge who works in a fast food place with his friend, Squidward.
Spongebob is a great animu and is known throughout the world
by Pie Stealer April 30, 2015
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the most annoying thing known to man with a starfish that's a dope as his friend and other charecters that go and be annoying idiots all over the place

and may it get canceled soon
Dear god please cancel spongebob already. stop ruining little kids's easily manipulated minds to act as the most annoying things on earth amen.
by Alice Stuart February 27, 2011
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this is a nick-name for someone who is the king of all dorks or just super weird
-Awww man last night i gat the new pokeymon card..

-OMG shut up SPONGE-BOB your sooo freakin lame!
by urfeetstink May 05, 2009
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The most masterfully thought out and constructed creation of all human existence, all other memes kneel before Spongebob. Kings bow down to the intricate ingenious hidden in each moment of very episode, it is the epitome of all things good and wise
I love Spongebob
by Fläming swords January 31, 2017
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When you are with a women and having relations and when you are about to come, you do it in her socks and then she puts them on.
Last night I gave her a 'spongebob' and she didn't know until she put her socks on to leave
by Rook360 August 20, 2008
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A sex maneveur in which, while having sex in a tub, the male blows his load in the tub, while the female fishes up the load with her mouth (her head bobs in the water), then spits the load into her had and rubs it into her vagina, so to absorb it like a sponge.
Spongebob! Judy, Spongebob...!!! quick sponge up that sperm!
by hungryhippo234567 August 08, 2009
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