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Excellent rapper who is now doin' time. Hilarious rapper with great songs, such as "hubba hubba" and "soething I would do"
by April 25, 2004
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the greatest rapper to ever grace this planet. the realest and illest. his lyrics amaze those even today. if you havent heard him you should. he also loves weed.
man that new spm is tight as hell you should go cop his new album
by spmisdashit August 07, 2006
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South Park Mexican,Bad ass mutha fuckin rapper from Houston who represents for mexicans. Currently locked up on bogus sexual assault charges, but cant be stopped. Since he still continues to put out records even from behind tha wall. Fuck haters and free SPM
person 1: what are you listening to?

person 2: the best rapper ever to grace the mic.

person 1: oh this is SPM?

person 2: yup!
by the 40 ounce bandit May 14, 2009
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abbr. Society for the Protection of Mike Shinoda - silly people who “oppose” everything that the MAWs stand for. They’re very funny actually. And some of them are really MAWs at heart. Those people shall go unnamed. You know who you are. See: MAWs in denial.
We're the SPMS and we're here to save Mike. *waits until no one is around* *smacks with cucumber*
by Jezebel Lynn March 28, 2005
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Acronym for Strokes Per Minute, a measurement for the speed at which one strokes the penis during masturbation. The average SPM for males aged 13-31 is 55 usually decreasing as the masturbator approaches middle age. A session with an SPM of 70 or higher usually lands the masturbator in either the emergency room or the burn ward.
Example 1

Guy A: Dude did you hear about Dillan, his SPM hit 90 last night!

Guy B: No way man! Is he ok?

Guy A: *Starts sobbing* Dude, they couldn't save it.

Example 2

"I imagined myself having slow, passionate sex with Rachel last night so my SPM never went past 40"

Example 3

"I only had 2 minutes to squeeze one off before the bus left so my SPM hit about 65"
by bem809FR23 April 18, 2010
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