A semi-exclusive emotional and sexual relationship between two ex-partners. 'Semi-exclusiveness' refers to a state where neither splat partner is morally obligated to be faithful but must inform the other partner of any sexual or romantic contact outside of the splat.
Jimmy and Suzy broke up a few months ago but I've been seeing his car at her house a lot so I guess they are in a splat.
by kmb55 May 29, 2010
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Sticking "Thing One" and "Thing Two" into the mouth of the blindfolded female participant of an MMF threesome, and trying to climax before she can recite the entirety of Dr. Seuss' "Cat in the Hat" from memory.
"My throat is so sore!"

"Are you getting sick?"

"No, I played Cat and the Splat with my boyfriend and his friend last night. I kept forgetting how Cat in the Hat ended."
by DTP Dominos December 2, 2018
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When you cum on a girl's stomach and she pushes the cum down in her vagina and uses it as lube much to your surprise, disgust, and slight sexual curiosity.
Amy is such a freak she tried to give herself a Matt Splat much to my amazement and secret arousal.
by matt311311 May 7, 2009
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a room in one's home primarily dedicated to viewing pornographic material; can also be defined at the container or area where one's pornographic materials are stored
My wife was cleaning out the closet this weekend and found my splat cave. I'm not getting laid for a week!
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According to Stewie Griffin, it is when a person is sound asleep, and someone secretly ejaculates onto their face.
He gave her a Splat Job!
by Jonothan Evans October 21, 2018
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A vagina thats had far too many semen injections, very well known throughout the chav community.
Fuck me do you want a sponge for that dear, your splat box is overflowing.
by I. Lowndes October 24, 2006
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