Intoxicating beverages,
As in: ardent spirits--strong alcoholic liquors, such as whiskey or gin; neutral spirits--Ethyl alcohol distilled at at least 190 proof; wood spirits-- methanol.
Lady Sovereign, in "Public Warning,"
-"It ain't about the tea and biscuits, I'm one of those English misfits,
I don't drink tea I drink spirits, and I talk a lot of slang in my lyrics,"
by Dumilde Rangel January 2, 2008
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(Not to be confused with Ghost) in the Spiritual community is known as a conscious energy thought form condensed by a 3rd dimensional conscious thought system into (but not limited by ) a visible form of being usually manifested as visible light.
A Ghost is usually subject to a host limited to certain supernatural agreements in the 3rd dimensional experience, but a Spirit is usually a procreator of said experience.
by TheRealSpiritMan January 23, 2023
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Religion, Science, and Philosophy compiled and organized by Allan Kardec in 1857. For more on Spiritism, visit or
He believes in Spiritism, so he is a Spiritist
by Urban Dictionary February 8, 2004
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lol .. who would down thumb a post about working in love and light with spirit?

Non believer of course … each to their own

But what do you believe ?

Lights out ? Nothing beyond this … you can’t believe in healing .. twin flames ? God even ? Source energy? Elohim ?











Hate ?

If you can explain yourself better go for it

But in the shadows you will remain

Maybe I have clairvoyance too now ?

Or maybe I just know …. How much this light burns … and you make it as a clear as night and day
Spirit ….

Btw Twinnie .. why haven’t we made it you ask ?? See Above … and we both know all this .. the me being followed (assume the same happened to you from what you posted) predated my responses or even finding this …

Assume this is the person who you were speaking too that was pretending to be me ..
by LetsTalkAboutX January 11, 2023
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A brave, leader-like, caring, stubborn, careful, smart, level-headed, sarcastic girl who looks out for her family at all times.
Spirit: Grace your right! Nate behind you! Liu, help out Mitch!!
by Ōku March 9, 2018
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The Spirit is a fictional masked crimefighter created by cartoonist Will Eisner. He first appeared June 2, 1940 in "The Spirit Section", the colloquial name given to a 16-page Sunday supplement, distributed to 20 newspapers by the Register and Tribune Syndicate and reaching five million readers during the 1940s. From the 1960s to 1980s, a handful of new Eisner Spirit stories appeared in Harvey Comics and elsewhere, and Warren Publishing and Kitchen Sink Press variously reprinted the feature in black-and-white comics magazines and in color comic books. In the 1990s and 2000s, Kitchen Sink Press and DC Comics also published new Spirit stories by other writers and artists.

The Spirit chronicles the adventures of a masked vigilante who fights crime with the blessing of the city's police commissioner Dolan, an old friend. Despite the Spirit's origin as detective Denny Colt, his real identity was virtually unmentioned again, and for all intents and purposes he was simply "the Spirit". The stories range through a wide variety of styles, from straightforward crime drama and noir to lighthearted adventure, from mystery and horror to comedy and love stories, often with hybrid elements that twisted genre and reader expectations.
While fighting the evil Dr. Cobra, young policeman Denny Colt was hit by a liquid which put him in a state of a deep coma. Believed dead, Denny was buried at Wildwood Cemetery, but awoke from his grave 24-hours later. He established a base under his tombstone and using his new-found anonymity, he began to fight crime and protect the people of Central City as The Spirit.

His identity is known only to his "driver," Ebony White and Police Commissioner Dolan.
by The Centurion December 20, 2014
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refers to a child who is active. It means "brat", but is used by over-protective helicopter moms who are afraid (or refuse) to discipline their children.
Look at little Zander run through the store, knocking all those cans off the shelves. He's so spirited!
by photomikey October 12, 2010
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