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o0o this new pc is spinky!
by james April 11, 2005
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To be under the influence of an illicit substance, i.e. alcohol, cocaine, etc.
Origins beleived to be from Westchester County, but spreading fast into Fairfield County.

other forms- spinks, spinked
Dude, I got so spinky in my free that I bombed my physics test next period.

Ah man I was spinked off my ass and pissed off a balcony.
by brick tamland July 08, 2005
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Any Calico cat with a high level of intelligence.
Whao, did you see that spinky jump that fence?
by Chezdoubz September 09, 2003
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slang for the anus
aaagh that hurt, that dude just kicked me in my spinky.

I got a reeming the other day and I think hey tore my spinky
by Kaffdeluxe2 September 15, 2008
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1. A cool punk/metal band.
2. The coolest squirrel.
1. Dude, I'm gonna see Spinky! LIVE!
2. Spinky is so my idol.
by PyroPenguin December 10, 2003
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