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Pronounced: (spick-nick)
A picnic on the grass of the side of a freeway, parkway, or
major highway. The picnic-ers usually seem to be oblivious to the presence of fast moving traffic only feet away.
Child: Look daddy, those people were having a picnic! Can we have a picnic there too?
Father: No son, that was a spicnic. You're not a spick son. At least not 100% spick.
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a group of mexicans who organize to jump the US border.

mom look at the spic-nic going down on tv!

why yes billy they are stupid spics! look a flamingo is shitting on his chest!
by EricisAMAZINGx10 September 10, 2006
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A Puertorican picnic. Usually such cultural festivals are held in So. Cal. every summer. The spicnic serves as just another excuse for Spics to get drunk in a park and shake their booties to that mindless jungle shit (when brain cells deteriorate at a rapid pace).
"I'd seen some great J-Lo-type booty at the spicnic yesterday, but I ended up with a no-assed white bitch."
by Etch September 11, 2006
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an outdoor picnic consisting mostly of wetbacks or beanshitters or puerto ricans.
Man those beanshitters are having another spicnic?
by Mc Netty June 26, 2005
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A taco, burrito, or other mexican food bought at a cart or from a window.... eaten outside.
"I just got 3 tacos from the taco stand! Lets go have a spic-nic!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008
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To find a dead moose on the side of the road, cut it open, feast on its inerds whilst fucking whatever organs possible. Than, rip off all of its skin with one's teeth, pee in the asshole, cum on in its nose, fuck one's self(s) with its antlers, put on womens under garmets and curl up inside it chest cavity and screem KITTEN CANVAS as loud possible for two hours.
Eric: "Hey Jed, do you wanna go have a spicnic?"

Jed: "Fuck no, I had one two days ago, and I still have bloodstains on my skin. How about next tuesday?"
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