its like saying punk or a term you can use when you dont have anythign else to say
WOOOWW ur a spick


person 1: you suck
person 2: spiiickk
by honkifuloveme September 19, 2006
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A derogatory term used to describe hispanic people. It derives from combining the word spanishand mick. During the rush of immigration in the early twentieth century in America, people thought the Irish were weird for being Catholic (since everybody already here was protestant) When hispanics started showing up the majority were Catholic, thus they were viewed as spanish speaking catholics like the Irish micks, Spicks.
Protestant 1-"Hey look at those Micks going to church to praise that man with the funny hat....they're speaking...spanish?"
Protestant 2-"ahhh yess yes I've heard of those , spanish speaking Micks, Spicks they're called."
by Speakingwords July 14, 2008
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A derogatory term used as a noun for any person of Latino descent. The word is based on how first-generation Latinos say the English word "Speak" (it sounds like "spick").
Hugo: Look at that Spick selling oranges on the block.
Danny: Damn, I wanted some strawberries.
by PachucoWey February 14, 2009
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Mark: Mario's being such a fag today!
Johnny: ya I no! he's such a spick!
by bobina.uasafa May 17, 2012
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A "Spick" is a person who goes to fun places e.g. discos, iceskating rinks and clubs just to make trouble and try to cause punch-ups. (Usually hang out in groups)
Person1: Yo, you should come iceskating with us, it's gonna be awesome!

Person2: Na bro, there's always too many spicks hangin around there...
by Justin_P July 10, 2008
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