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An annoying little cunt. Known as that spermball that snuck through his mother's clunge defences.
Guy 1: Hey look, it's Jamie, actually is it Kev? Or is it Harry-Norway?
Guy 2: Man, who gives a fuck, it's a spermball nonetheless.
by Golden Glory July 19, 2008
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A Sperm Ball is when you fill a condom with so much sperm it becomes the size of a ball then it is thrown at someone and explodes on contct covering them
Ewwww Now im covered in sperm why did you throw that Sperm ball
by Super Purple Vampire April 21, 2009
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floating wads of jism that are left in the skimmer of a pool or hot tub after having sex.
heck , I didnt want to clean the filter after knowing I blew major spermballs all through it after doggie stylingthe neighbor girl.
by don tantius February 10, 2008
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Sperm ball is a truly amazing game invented by members of camp dave and team amazing at download 2007. It involves launching a sperm shaped ball at each other and hoping for the best.
"yo rexy wheres the sperm ball at"
by [Super JO] October 30, 2007
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