To rant with great anger or intensity about pointless minutiae, as someone with an asperger's-related fixation is prone to do.
"Asperger's Disorder Dave held the class hostage with three hours of sperging about his favorite topic: steel guitar tuning and maintinence."
by zerodemocracy October 1, 2007
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To wax obsessive on a subject of interest. Often to the point of annoying those around you.
Mac 'sperged about his favorite video game so much that his wife who has never played it can tell you the plot.
by Sheyona August 27, 2013
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an aspergers person throwing a tantrum

to have an infantile shitfit about something completely arbitrary
He got banned from the IRC channel after sperging at the admins D:
by GenericPirate June 5, 2009
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A term often used to describe an Asperger person who is known to throw tantrums and get dramatically passionate about a certain thing, much to the annoyance of others.
I once knew an autistic guy who fussed over the smallest details in a movie. He was a good example of a Sperg.
by RedWerewolf November 19, 2018
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would u ever date a sperge?
by lol oh geez November 5, 2007
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Generally a cringe inducing and annoying person. Someone who doesn't understand social ques, says inoppropriate things which can also be at an inappropriately loud volume. A person who seems to be under the impression everyone needs to hear their every thought, regardless of how appropriate it is to the situation.

Verb form; Sperging. (Sp-ER-g-ing)

*Note: This is completely separate from the condition known as "Aspergers Syndrome" which symptoms may mirror the same behavior.
At a funeral;

Cousin Tommy: (at a loud volume with grieving family within earshot) "Wow! Uncle Jimmies corps sure is pale. I wonder if they pumped him full of enough embalming fluid so he doesn't rot like in Game of Thrones and make everyone puke!"

You: "Dude... quit being such a sperg. Just sit down and shut up."
by Snopuppy March 24, 2023
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