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A derogatory phrase for a black male used in reference to his primitive abilities to hunt animals with a long sharpened object.
That fucking spear chucker ate all of my watermelon because I can see about a gallon of juice on his big fat nigga lips.
by Corky March 13, 2003
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a black person, aluding to native hunters in Africa.
There's a whole lotta spearchuckers on that bus.
by Bob L July 03, 2003
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A nigger. (Refering to tribal people in Africa that used spears (and similar primitive tools) to hunt it's prey.)
1. Man I hate Rap music, it's all a bunch of noise and mumbo-jumbo with a bunch of Spear Chuckers.

2. I hate when white girls date Spear-Chuckers.
by uscb September 27, 2006
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a person from africa that came from a tribe and makes clicking noises when they talk
damn luca is a skinny ethiopian and he is a spear-chucker
by JAKE420 September 24, 2006
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A spear chucker is generally someone from kenya, but also
applies to any half bred or full blown nigger. it originates from the hunting days when the tribes black warrior's used to hide in bush's to ambush their pray,they remained invisable (except when they smiled ) and would throw spears in to the prey and then eat it raw like the savages they were
steve: i hear mr.white has gone on vacation to kenya
stu: oh, go no hell get eaten by the spear chuckers

vkr: that dirty little spear chucker just kissed his teeth at me

vkr: suprise, suprise the spear chucker wants a flight to lagos

vkr: that mother fucking spear chuckers smells worse than y.t after a mother fuckin 9 mile run

vkr: dirty cunt spear chucker!
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A racial epithet refering to someone
(usually a male) of colour. In the hierarchy of epithets....not as bad as it gets.
Quick, pass the ball to Spearchucker.
Man....Spearchucker sounds good!
by Obatala September 12, 2003
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