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in gaming, when one camps (or remains in one position with the intent to obtain multiple kills) the spawn point (or location where players re-enter the game)

often considered poor sportsmanship because players are often unable to respond in time to fight back, or are caught off guard
Jimmy was able to get the most kills on the server by spawn camping the entire round.

"OMG, spawn camping pwnz!!"
by KarmaGhost April 27, 2004
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1. When someone kills the opposing team as soon as they spawn. (And continues to do so...)

See abortion
"In order to rack up a massive kill count, T3H13370n3 was spawn camping at the other team's base."

or in a more casual gamer iteration:

"OMGBBQWTF!!!!1111ONEONE Th4t d00d 1z sp4\/\/n c4mp1ng 0u7 b453!!!!!111 X_x"
by Zorplex July 21, 2005
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A tactic used in TF2 when capturing the intel while rushing.
BLU Heavy, BLU Soldier, BLU Medic, BLU Pyro, BLU Scout, BLU Demoman: spawncamps
RED Demo: spawncamping = skills
RED Pyro, Demo, Scout, Heavy, Medic: leaves
Another RED Scout: spawns from second spawn:

Red Scout: OH YEAH!
BLU Sniper: headshots scout
Red Scout: fuck you
entire red team: leaves
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In the gaming world , "Spawn Camping" is the act of waiting for an opponent to "Spawn" and then kills the opponent before the opponent is able to protect him or herself.
Angry gamer: Fuckin' spawn campers are being little bitches and won't let me fight back.Spawn-Camper: STFU u n00b it's a legitimate strategy.ASSHOLE: Spawn Camping rocks my socks.
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