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1. When someone kills the opposing team as soon as they spawn. (And continues to do so...)

See abortion
"In order to rack up a massive kill count, T3H13370n3 was spawn camping at the other team's base."

or in a more casual gamer iteration:

"OMGBBQWTF!!!!1111ONEONE Th4t d00d 1z sp4\/\/n c4mp1ng 0u7 b453!!!!!111 X_x"
by Zorplex July 21, 2005

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While the generally accepted definniton of the word is a statement that is impossible while being perhaps not untrue, there is another, more widely,usable instance of the word. Simply put, a "paradox" can also be used to mean two doctors.
"I went to the hospital today. While I was speaking to a nurse, a paradox came running down the hall. Turns out they were late for a game of golf with the mayor."
by Zorplex July 21, 2005

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