Adj. One who is guilty of bitchery; one who bitches alot. A looser at life basically.
Dude, I seriously cannot stand richie, he's such a bitcher.
by kreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeestan January 12, 2009
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another word for complainers or people whining about their circumstances, particularly their romantic relationships or lack thereof.
You guys better not be sitting around like a bunch of bitchers!

We have sleepovers and get in a bitchers circle when we talk about our relationships.
by tabouras March 18, 2010
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Your side Ho guy, or Wingman.
Tom: Are you going to get the mail today?
Jim: Yeah, on my way to go hang out with my bitcher.
by TheHalfinStream July 11, 2017
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THIS CONTROVERSIAL WORD WAS USED via email by SIU system current president RANDY DUNN, meaning: an individual or group of people who like to complain about the distribution of State Appropriation funds.
Is simply to shut up the bitchers from Carbondale who are saying loudly we shouldn't even be doing the $5.125M at this time.
by randydunn June 07, 2018
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An increasingly more common typo of the word "butcher".
I am going to go find Tom and get some meat at the bitcher shop.
by OneLess August 18, 2007
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