An omlet arcade clan full of dusty Indians who claim to "roast" just because they watched 2 packgod videos.
HP member: I hate 1z
7c member: Me too.
by Omlet Arcade March 30, 2023
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The AH-1Z is a popular American made attack helicopter sporting twin engines and sports several of the latest in destructive I’ve tech. The wings of death contain 16 hellfire missiles, AIM 9 sidewinder Air-Air missiles, 70mm rocket pods, and to top it all off a 20mm secondary gun. The AH-1Z is the descendent of the AH-1W super cobra which was developed as part of the H-1 program. This angle of death also uses a 4 rotor system accompanied by a upgraded transmission, and new targeting systems.
The AH-1Z viper saw use during conflicts in Iraq.
by Couldn’t think of a name December 7, 2020
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