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People from Spain, not other Spanish-speaking countries.
They don't look as people from South-America, they look, and in fact they are, Europeans white skin but usually dark haired.
These people love partying, having "botellón" (drinking on the street), rampage, etc.
Sometimes they have fun by doing/watching cruel things like bullfights, fights, smash public stuff like benches, shopwindows, etc.
They all go to University and they're one of the best professionals in medicine.
They are really good at bed, doin' it like strong&brave bulls
The best are maybe the ones from Andalusia, see Andalusia
Who's that guy drinking rum while laughing at that child bleeding?
He's Manuel, the spaniard.
by FrankieHamish October 26, 2006

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It refers to the amount of time that a Hispanic, particularly Spanish people, say they'll be somewhere and the time they are there. If you're gonna meet them at 16:00, the interval is from 16:20 to 18:30 usually, but be sure that they'll show up at least 20min late, i've lived in Spain for 18 years now and I can swear it's always like that.
(this is a real conversation I had with a Spanish friend)
him- Why are you mad at me now?
me- is your fuckin' watch broken or what? you said you were going to come at nine and it's ten!
him- I'm not late enough! I'd maybe be late if I had shown up at twelve.

hispanic time...
by FrankieHamish October 24, 2006

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when you're high on cocaine or similar stuff and you go to bed and you're so excited that you can't sleep and it takes you hours awake looking up to the ceiling till you fall asleep.
-I'm gonna get cocaine from Roger for tonight, you want some?
-no way, i don't want to spend the after hours lickin' the ceiling when i get home
by FrankieHamish January 11, 2007

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(adverb) badly, that you're jonesing, to the max, extremely, absolutely and suchlike...
do you want to come with us? - up to hard eight!! (of course)
I want it up to hard eight! (very badly)
buy whisky up to hard eight! (buy all the bottles of whisky in the store)
I was drunk up to hard eight (I was extremely drunk)
by FrankieHamish December 24, 2006

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Spanish word(from Southern Spain) that means "girl" or sometimes a "hot girl".
A lomo is the back of any animal (the best side) and we all say "what a lomo" and also to have a good lomo "that girl has a good lomo", it is to eat it, to take her from there, to flap it,etc
Really in fashion for aver five years now
who was that lomo you were talking with? she's hot huh?
Mary's got a great lomo! I'd hump her if I could!
by FrankieHamish December 19, 2006

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pseudo-Spanish language that the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries don't understand a word of it. No kidding, it's the truth, not even a word.
(I'm was born in Spain and my girl is from Chile and we both completely agree)
- where's your new friend from? have he come to Spain to learn Spanish?
- come on, he should speak Spanish perfectly cuz he's from Mexico, but I must admit I didn't understand anything he's said either.
- Ah, then you should've told me before that he was speaking mexican!
by FrankieHamish December 05, 2006

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