Video Game Term. Stupid bitches who suck at videogames who keep using the same move over and over again, rendering the person their fighting to guard constantly until their health reaches zero. If your pro at a game, try side stepping or countering when your bitch as friend is spamming.
Spammer Asswhole: Yea take that and that.
Guy with Skillz: Stop spamming motha fucka
Spammer Asswhole: Nope just bend over and take it.
Guy with Skillz: *SIde Steps* Gotcha now bitch. Your about to get fucked!
Spammer Asswhole: NOOOOOO BIATCH!
Game Announcer: Player 2 Wins... Player 1 SUcks ass spammer bitch!
by Dicktionary.Mcl March 31, 2009
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Quite possibly one of the lowest forms of life around. Fills the email boxes of people with offers for increasing the size of male genitila, mortgage refinacing, credit, links to pages displaying every kind of sexual act known to humans, and among other things, pills.
I know someone who was in the hospital for a week last year, when he got home there was over 2000 spam messages in his inbox.
by jesster79 March 12, 2004
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A group of around 200 people, mostly Americans who are responsible for a nuisance that costs businesses vast sums of money - according to the Washington Post last year (2004) it costs large US companies almost $2000 per employee per year. If that much money was invseted in hospitals or the third world instead of being spent searching for the few wanted e-mails amongst the junk it could save millions of lives.
Okay, heres some figures:
Using last years figures, each day, in the UK spam costs at least 16.5 million pounds. That means that the cost of spam in in less than a week exceeds the ammount pledged by the UK government to provide aid to the tsunami disaster victims.

If there was no spam think how many lives could be saved.
by yaoigirlproxy January 25, 2005
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In FPS Games: One who attacks aimlessly; without skill or technique; especially while using weapons that do damage over a large area (grenades, rocket launchers, pipe bombs, etc).
lucky noob spammer...
by b0b October 23, 2003
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To pull off a cheap-move that you know will guarantee victory because you would find it otherwise impossible to beat your opponent in a video game.
"Matt is such a spammer!"
"He only beat me because he was a spammer."
by TheSpammed February 28, 2012
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An intelligent, witty, and emotional invididual that usually lacks friends but makes it up with money. They do not mean to anger people with all of their emails, they merely want to inform and educate people about the products they sell.
Jimmy, did you sign-up to all the sites that were in the email the spammer sent you?
by nofx March 18, 2003
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The lowest form of life! Spammers must die! If you know one, use one of the below methods to end it's life!
Spammers should be burried up to their necks in the ground than run over with lawn mowers!

Spammers should be tied to poles then cut from sternum to pubic bone and allowed for their entrails to fall out. At this point the entrails should be doused with a flamable liquid and ignited before the dying eyes of the spammer!

Spammers are the stupidest pieces of shit allive and all should die a most horrible and painful death!

Do your part and kill a spammer today!
by Die Spammer! October 09, 2003
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