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to smoke such good weed that it messes up your head and you lose your mind, get totally paranoid, and lose touch with the reality of how the world works
Jared Loughner: "They use mind control; they control the grammar, my college is the biggest scam in America, a genocide school that will make me homeless"
Joe: "You know about the military industrial complex, I'm telling you, they just keep putting a new person in power *takes a long drag of purple haze* "Yo dis is some good shit yo want some? ....."
Rick: "No, who's they"
Joe: "You know, it's THEM."
Rick: ""no I don't, don't get all Jared Loughner on my ass."
by joes222222222222 January 17, 2011
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To eliminate solid waste, to defecate. Also referes to the feces itself.
Man, I ate all that mexican food last night and when I got up this morning I had to loughner really bad.

That loughner smelled so bad I had to light two matches.
by facistpig January 13, 2011
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