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Beautiful and amazing, caring and she always will show her affection to her loved ones, sleeps alot and an amazing Hunter, she is very easy to trust with secrets even when she may have some of her own but they are trusted to be personal, she loves her friends n very easy to be friends with.
Man every body loves Elsie!
Ya she's great...
by Rats10fortheloveofrats August 16, 2017
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Elsie is an amazing and caring young little lady. She always is nice to others especially her friends and when you’ve got to know her you always want to be like her also If you come across and Elsie you must hang onto her and never let her go because after you’ve let her go it will be almost impossible to find another one just like her she is also an amazing friend to everybody that is nice to her and that supports her in everything she does
Who is that girl over there??? She has got to be an Elsie
by Cherrypickedtart October 20, 2019
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Elsie is a very talkative girl who makes sense most of the time. mostly lazy but always gets her work done in time. she is a bad ass with a good ass. if you meet an elsie dont loose her.
boy 1:omg, look at that ass
boy 2:that must be Elsie.
by saltyaf123 March 05, 2019
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a beautiful, amazing, intelligent, fun, perfect girl who always talks down about herself, but in actuality a person would have to be completely dense to not LOVE her!
"Dude, don't you LOVE Elsie?!"
"Wow, you're an idiot. :D"
by californiajade February 12, 2010
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A "good singer"

she's a "Amazing"person
She is "not hated"
She has "great with hair"
We "love you"

Elsie is soooooooooooo amazing


_ _

via giphy
by CindyShie July 28, 2018
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Opposite of “selfie”. Photograph of other people instead of one’s self.
Please stop taking so many selfies; you’re being too narcissistic. Why don’t you take some elsies instead?
by Kimitage June 23, 2018
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