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A stock reply to the question of whether a woman is hot. Either the guy is being sarcastic, or he is gay.
Guy1: Dude, I would so hit Jessica Alba multiple times until she cried for mercy.
Guy2: Meh, she has pointy elbows.
by FuzzyBB July 19, 2009
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Typical UPS driver that is too lazy to ring the doorbell for a home delivery, but somehow mysteriously (using ninja stealth skills) leaves a notice on the door without you noticing even though you were waiting right there for the entire day for that delivery.
"Man, I was supposed to received my new bun bun from Amazon.com today, but that lazy ninja got past the door and claimed he attempted delivery"
by FuzzyBB April 14, 2009
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Posts spacey things that make you go "wtf?". He must be as high as a kite, and with the grammar of a 5 year old.

Fighter of NightDarker.
spaceman: so vegetablr stock comes from the bones of what vegetables?
by FuzzyBB July 25, 2009
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The nemesis and polar opposite of spaceman, and a known gatorade fiend. Writes in barely comprehensible ebonics.

May in fact be spaceman himself, or merely a clone gone bad.
Fighter of the NightDarker man
Champion of the sun
You’re a master of weird posts and snowmen…for everyone
by FuzzyBB July 24, 2009
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