insult meaning someone who is mentally retarded, derived from the word spastic usually directed at someone after they show a weird trait, do something against a widely accepted moral standard, show themselves to be unskilled or inferior at a particular skill or task, do something that would be associated with a mentally unstable person, or show their stupidity in an obvious way.
"that jonny is a spacca, he keeps twitching"

"stop beating that old lady, you spacca!"

"greg's a spacca, i beat his ass at pool so many times"

"stop pulling my hair you spacca!"

"if you don't know who david hasselhoff is, you're a spacca"
by arto October 12, 2005
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used in italian language to say that something is cool, and it really rules.
L'ultimo cd dei Madrac spacca!
The latest Madrac cd rules!
by atomic2010 April 11, 2010
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Spacca: Used for a stupid ugly fat guy who thinks he's smart because he boasts to take drugs
Alessio: I have just taken 1 mg of mdma and i smoked 20 chiloums..i'm stoned
Me: Shut up U stupid dirty Spacca
by m m October 6, 2004
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when a spacca just wont go!
OMG Chris is back again! He's like a spacca from the ashes!
by evilaphrodite September 28, 2007
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