The title of a (great) sci-fi film starring Charlton "from my cold dead hands" Heston, made in 1973.

The name comes from a combination of 'soy' and 'lentils'.

The film was (loosely) based on an anti-contraception novel, called 'Make Room! Make Room!', by Harry Harrison.

It is, of course, famously made from people.
New, Soylent Green!
Now with more girls!

Also available in Red, and Yellow.
by Rize March 11, 2004
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1. Food made from dead people.
2. A really bad and cliched SciFi movie.
by ben November 19, 2003
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Taken from a 70's film. Soylent Green is a supposedly soy and lentil based nutrition source which later turns out to be made out of harvested humans hence the quote "Soylent green is people".

Sometimes used to describe a big and nasty lie told by a large company or goverment.
guy#1 "I don't like campaigners, they're just selling Soylent Green"

Guy#2 "what do you mean, are you saying it's all lies?"

Guy#1 "Yup, the whole load of it"

Guy#2 "Oh my God... Soylent Green... it's people"
by Alt-Horizon September 21, 2010
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Playing on the "harvesting humans" idea from the 1973 movie, the term "Soylent Green" has emerged as a derogatory term in today's political issues of embryonic stem cell research and frozen embryos.
"Yeah... he had soylent green therapy after the accident."

"Mamma's got her Soylent Green on ice."
by Garglesnarp July 19, 2006
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