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The title of a (great) sci-fi film starring Charlton "from my cold dead hands" Heston, made in 1973.

The name comes from a combination of 'soy' and 'lentils'.

The film was (loosely) based on an anti-contraception novel, called 'Make Room! Make Room!', by Harry Harrison.

It is, of course, famously made from people.
New, Soylent Green!
Now with more girls!

Also available in Red, and Yellow.
by Rize March 11, 2004

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A song by the hip hop (and hip hop/metal crossover) band, Cypress Hill.

It can be found on their fourth album, imaginatively titled 'IV'.

Its subject matter relates to the above definition (i.e. Marijuana use, or a nickname of someone proficient at its cultivation).
Hey, have you heard that Cypress' track Dr Greenthumb?

Yeah, it's fucking cool. Pass that joint.
by Rize December 15, 2003

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The point at which the need to evacuate one’s bowel’s becomes unbearable, and a big brown cylinder tries pushing its way out of your sphincter - resembling the leg of a teddy bear, or soft toy.
See also Bungle’s finger.

- Can also refer to the act of defecating.

- Variant of turtle’s head.
“Bloody hell, if I don’t get to a toilet soon I’m goin’ to shit myself – I’ve got the teddy’s leg already!”
by Rize December 15, 2003

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A tasty treat to eat on hot days.
Hey bro can you get me a neggey from the fridge?
by RiZe July 23, 2012

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See Teddy's leg

Bungle was a character on British children's television show called Rainbow, in the mid 80's.

He was basically a fairly camp guy in brown bear suit. Thankfully, he wasn't as blatantly camp as George (a pink hippo), another character in said show.

Other characters are: Zippy, Geoffrey, and possibly Rod, Jane and Freddy.
for meaning of "bungle's finger", see synonym at "Teddy's leg".
by Rize December 19, 2003

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Said in disbelief, usually in reply to a potentially preposterous or unlikely statement, but can also be in recognition of an act.

Emphasis must be on the "ee" sound of both words, and accompanied by a stroking of the chin, regardless of presence or lack of own facial hair.

see variations at: Beee-aaard, bard, itchy chin, Jimmy, Jimmy Hill

Synonym: "yeah, right!"
Mr. A: My dick is 17.5 inches.

by Rize December 15, 2003

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Acronym of “Drunk While Posting”.

A post on a BBS or other such forum that contains many typos, grammar errors, or otherwise embarrassing material.
USER: b33r phr33q
AT: 02:24 AM

Hay man; the fucikiogn keys keep movin away frrrom mi fingyers. s0rry If this if Off topikc......

Greg: "Shit, Boris is DWP again..."
by Rize December 15, 2003

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