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definition of New York garage rock.

highly addicted to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

composed of some of the hottest guys in indie rock.

... all of which will inevitably die of lung cancer, if not diseased livers.
The Strokes are cooler than everybody and their uncle.
by scene whore January 29, 2004
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An all-girl punk/indie band from the early to mid 90s that is reknowned for starting the Riot Grrrl movement. Consisted of Kathleen Hanna, Billy Karren, Tobi Vail, and Kathi Wilcox.

Known for their wild shows, the members of Bikini Kill would often go topless on stage- a wicked addition to Kathleen Hanna's already in-your-face demeanor. With their always politically and socially aware songs, Bikini Kill influenced many future bands such as Sleater-Kinney, Hole, and PJ Harvey. They are still very much respected today, although totally and utterly broken up.
"I Like Fucking"

"Rebel Girl"

"Anti-Pleasure Dissertation"
by scene whore June 25, 2004
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Call them what you will, Linkin Park is still nu metal garbage. Their lyrics are maudlin and cliche and reflexive only of stupid teenage emotion. (Apparently the singers are pissed about being ignored in high school. Give me a fucking break.)

The real kicker is that their fans think they are "hardcore" because they listen to this tripe.
Good god, do they actually have a period at the end of their name??? And people abide by this nonsense??!!
by scene whore April 14, 2005
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You haven't heard of them? Bitch, please!

Gravy Train!!!! is a droll dance/rap/something-or-other band whose members' names all end in "-nx."

They have hott keyboard beats and the bitch-assiest lyrics you've ever heard in your life.

But honestly, I don't know a single black person who listens to them.
"Sippin' 40z"
"You Made Me Gay"
"Titties Bounce"
by scene whore April 14, 2005
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