"Gimme' a big and nasty and a side order of fries."
by x January 31, 2003
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by definition this refers to a large white male residing in the santa barbara area, known to hunt down larger animals and feasting upon their fupa.
Big and nasty altercation Oct. 30th. approximately 1 AM, hornless rhino entered into room and performes fellatio for noah.
by sneakyw December 6, 2006
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1. A more appropriate term for the Big N' Tasty.
Hello, welcome to McDonald's, would you like try a Big N'Nast...OOPS!! I meant to say, Big N' Tasty???
by Aqueas January 21, 2004
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goin to Macdonalds and gettin the big and tasty
Yo lets go hit up the Big n' Nasty
by golf team November 6, 2005
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A rather large woman who is not a BBW, but rather a BFN.

Her lady lumps do not inspire any recollection of beautiful things like some chunky women might offer, but rather leave a sour taste in your mouth after you throw up a little.

BFN typically Photoshop their selfies in an attempt to justify their ugly lifestyle choices.
Dude 1: Hey man, did you just see that Big Fat Nasty?
Dude 2: What is that, a cheeseburger?
Dude 1: No man, it's thunder-thighs and butt cheese!
Dude 2: Gross.
by nguyeny-pants January 28, 2014
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Big Nasty is a badass motherfucker who spits game at every female and whips out his piece at any given moment . A Big Nasty can sometime be mistaken for a Big Chocolate Nasty in which The Big Nasty can Transform Into .
Guy 1 - Damn I wish I could spit game
Guy 2 - You my man need to meet The Big Nasty
by BadAss M'Fucker October 15, 2012
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A large woman who doesn't bathe, has a uniroll, and has a yeast infection from the crack of her ass up through her vigina following upward to and around her uniroll. That is the big nasty.
I don't think anyone would want an example.
by Thomas November 4, 2003
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