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Southport is in the North West of England. It is full of young chavs.
Merseyside has the second highest knife & gun crime outside of London.
There are 2 maccies, 2 KFCs, a Burger King, and multiple Subways.

High Park/Meols Cop are full of chavs looking to cause chaos, there is the odd nice kid.

Southport is sometimes referred to as Sowie
I live in Southport me
by YummyDavo February 28, 2020

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The act of tickling your penis whilst winking.
Jack, don’t dickle, it makes me feel uncomfortable!
by YummyDavo May 11, 2020

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Winkle is an act of winking whilst laughing at something or someone.
Jack don’t winkle again!
by YummyDavo May 05, 2020

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