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A small seaside town in the north-west of england opposite blackpool and near liverpool.Among the masses of newbreeds and chav scum there are a fair few decent kids that live there watch out for ocean plaza and maccys(toen centre)- full of chavs and not always the decent ones. if you skate the skatepark in the middle of the plaza and town centre is the best we have for the skating kids but sefton council can piss a fair few off as you get fucked if ur skating in town which is shite. if you want to hang there i suppose the bowling green, bandstand && arts centre are the places to go but watch out for the newbreeds that can suffocate the places. a few gigs held in sowie at places such as casablancas, suttons, albert, (commis in ormskirk)&&(crosby social culb in crosby)&& sometime atrs centre and christ church. nice plae if you meet the right people loys of kewl && sound kids there. LOVE it! xxxmwaxxx
omg lets go to southport and see all the hot chicks there!!! they're so fucking fit!!!
by xxRowxx June 23, 2006

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