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verb: to get drunk, start sucking things off, and vomit red wine all of over yourself
woah, you were so drunk last night, that you soutered yourself.
by hazel April 18, 2004
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Verb: To misrepresent one's own beliefs (political or otherwise) for the purpose of self gain. The term originates from the appointment of Justice David Souter to the Supreme Court by Republican President George H. W. Bush. Although a self-proclaimed conservative himself, Souter soon after revealed himself to be a liberal. Therefore, the verb "souter" or to be "soutered" means most nearly the act of expressing views other than one's own for the purpose of furthering one's own cause.
I'm not actually a Republican; I just want to spy on the Republican campaign rally! I am about to souter the sh** out of these guys.

Dude, that PETA operative doesn't actually like hamburgers! He only came to my barbecue to sabotage my patties. I was totally soutered.

'Joe Millionaire' is a show where an average guys souters a group of bachelorettes by pretending to be a wealthy bachelor.
by cowboyNY June 16, 2010
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1. last name of a member of the united states supreme court.
2. an action wherein your family home is torn down to make room for a Target/Red Lobster shopping plaza.
"after a while got used to shopping for gym socks in what used to be my backyard, but now that the stores have all pulled out after just a few years and it's a desolate scab of land, i really feel like i've been soutered."
by johnsonrod July 03, 2005
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