The incorrect grammatical term used widely on the internet. The easiest way you can spot someone say this is to get onto youtube, go to a video, and go to a controversial and popular comment/joke, and one of the comments will be an inconsiderate jerk either taking the comment too seriously, or not understanding the joke, then replying to the comment in ALL CAPS and forgetting about apostrophes.
Person 1: "What do you give an armless child for Christmas?
Nothing, he wouldn’t be able to open it anyways."

by BrianDictates October 10, 2019
a word gay cunts like Chris use.
"Trent what are we" said chris. "Where on" Trent replys
by Aidan the god November 17, 2017
Person 1: where is it
Person 2: there
Person 1: WHERE
Person2: THERE
After five years they kept of saying where and there, they died doing it, some say their still fighting to this day
by Mr.Bruhman December 19, 2019
(idiom) an informal expression used to express that something has changed--usually for the worse--or that situation has developed into a particular state of affairs

Cultural context: "To where (it's)" is an effective and efficient communication tool. However, there is a socio-economic divide regarding it's usage. The expression is most often employed by yokels, commonfolk, and blue collar types. It is rarely used by their highly educated white collar counterparts because the phrase is foreign to some and consciously eschewed by others (e.g. the factions of yuppie douchebags who think their shit don't stink and pedantic stick-up-their-ass intellectuals who cherish proper grammar and strive to speak in paragraph form.)
"to where": The shift supervisor is never satisfied with our production numbers no matter how much we exceed target. It's gotten to where we're asking ourselves why we even try anymore...

"to where (it's)": Sure, the Mustang still runs like a raped ape, but sometimes the transmission sticks to where it's nearly impossible to short-shift on the drag strip.
by Bozo McScrotus September 24, 2017
Welsh expression for "where is it?" or "where are you?"
Where is Pete to, or where is the club to
by Chris Tough January 22, 2004
A term used to give an indirect importance to a noun. The word "it" obviously refers to what the person is referring to in general context as in:

"The Club? Down two streets, and take a left. On Sherbrooke street is where it's at."

But, it can be used when "it" hasn't been specified and the user merely intends to give it prime importance, such as:
"Simple Plan? No way, they suck big cock. The Rasmus is where it's at now."
by Comrade Karl July 15, 2006
A word often used in among us when a body is found
crewmate 1: i found a body in na-
imposter: WHERE
by TopHatCatWUT October 29, 2020