"sout" comes from the popular Java IDE, Intellij IDEA, in which you can type in the shortcut for a "System.out.println();" to write to the systems standard soutput.
"Yo, did you hear?"
"Chicken bu- I mean, Sarah totally bombed out her program when trying to sout."
"Imagine not being able to sout..."
by amongla_swag April 13, 2022
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bodily hair within the region of the nipple
Here, would you like a sout?
by Sam Bazhenow March 24, 2008
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A word with the same meaning as 'something'. Popular in Scotland.
"Do you wanna do sout later?" - Do you want to do something later?
"Can't believe he got in trouble for sout like that." - Can't believe he got in trouble for something like that.
by FINFADEN January 12, 2017
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the new shortened term for "peace out"
-"alright, i'll see ya later"
"alright, sout!"
by esmed524 August 31, 2006
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A swear made up that people could use in school without getting in trouble
by Mr Parakeet August 25, 2009
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Scottish term for when shit-faced, making multiple typos, but attempting to act sober when on an online forum
Amalgamation of Shit-Faced and Outed.
xxx wrote 'AH DONT GIVfck hes DILDO'
yyy wrote 'You pished'?
xxx wrote 'nAW SObre'

yyy wrote 'SOUTED'
by FannybawsFaeBrillyunt October 18, 2010
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