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The sophomore year of high school where all the jitters are gone from freshman year and you know you should be doing all your work but you just don't. Most students effected by sophomoritis drink and smoke the year away. Usually leads to junioritis cause we realized we fucked up. Sophomoristis, We'd fight for a cure but we're too immature.
"Man, don't you have to study for that HUGE test tomorrow?!"
"Duuuuude, nahh. I got sophomoritis."
by causeimcoollikethat April 17, 2006
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The disease many Sophomores in high school are stricken with. Usually occurs once an individual has become accustomed to the routine of high school. Symptoms include laziness, the gradual discontinuation of homework being completed, elevated sociability, and a desire to partake in the use of drugs.
Shirley was a straight-A student last year, but she's not doing so well academically this year. I think she has a case of Sophomoritis.
by Maxamillion W. September 23, 2008
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A disease that affects a wide number of sophomores. Most common causes include their first Honors and AP classes, often including AP Biology and/or AP World History. Symptoms include increased complaining about arbitrary things like B's in English Honors, sleeping at 2 AM, poorer study habits, and increased social awareness--including the fact they "may be single for the rest of their life." It is not life-threatening and pales in comparison to Senioritis; however, people experiencing sophomoritis may be prone to extreme mood swings and bitchiness. Sophomoritis is often the precursor to the more serious Junioritis.
Sophomore: Dude. I have a C+ in AP World History right now. I think I'm going to get a 3.5.

Senior: Calm down. Sophomoritis is nothing; I'm literally failing all my classes and I might get rescinded from college.
by zeke87 May 06, 2013
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A high school sophomore who is often led to be consumed by teenage drama, failing classes, and quite frankly not giving a damn. At this point in their high school career, people affected by Sophomoritis usually look down upon Freshman, and have let go of their feeling of being the underdog. More cocky than Freshman, but often leading to Junioritis during the following year.
"Joe asked Kristina out, and Mike says he's failing three of his classes. I'm not sure if I can stand all these freshman this year, and I really don't care anymore. It's Sophomoritis, and I don't want to hear any more of this!"
by RhiaLirin April 24, 2006
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