Someone (who you personally know) will kill you while you are away from home. They will be too short to choke you so they will strangle you to death.
Time: sometime in December
You: “Hey wassup shortie
Shortie: *pulls out ropes*
by NotThePed0FromUrNeighborhood September 26, 2021
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Humorous way of saying, "My request is totally non-urgent; I'm just asking if you could please perform this action when it's convenient for you."
Just like the independent/cautious-minded Angus MacGyver (in one of his TV episodes, he grimly remarked, "When someone assuredly tells me not to worry, THAT'S when I START WORRYING!"), anytime someone begins an assistance-request with, "Sometime in the next millennium...", I get nervous, since in all probability it's gonna be an exceptionally difficult/arduous/boring task that they're asking me about, and/or the undertaking may actually be a lot more urgent than even the requester realizes.
by QuacksO September 20, 2018
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Becoming a little bit forgetful. Not quite alzheimer's just sometimers
I don't have alzheimer's, I just have sometimers
by Lori's Stories February 26, 2021
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A dog I’m only responsible for sometimes.
The dog I look after when his family goes away is my sometimes dog. The perfect arrangement for people who aren’t allowed pets in their apartment.
On Tuesdays I hang out with my sometimes dog
by Moët686 October 9, 2018
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(Talking to the UD Jews)

Sometimes I forget to play along. I get confused and forget that I know the truth and have very little to worry about. You can get trapped in character and forget that’s it’s all meant to be just an act.

Still, I feel uncertain sometimes about the world and the future...

I often wonder if I am fluctuating from an INTJ state of mind into i.e. another personality type/ego. Like for example, ISFP or ENTP. I think INTJ is probably the default.

Also. How do you extend your life span? Do you take lots of vitamins to live longer or something? Cause I see lots of people living in their 90s and 100’s and I’m like how the hell do they do that?
Sometimes I forget to play along
by Eliteshadow 2 March 13, 2021
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Person 1: "I've really been feeling down in these past couple days"

Person 2: "Sometimes it be like that."

Person 1: "it really do be like that sometimes"

Person 2: "Wanna meet up and talk about intresting stuff, eat food and watch a good movie?"

Person 1: "ye, let's do that"
by a guy thats named "a guy" February 28, 2019
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'roses are red, violets are blue, sometimes it do'
-Michael Jackson (20 b.c)

Sometimes you just do, sometimes it do. You cant control it, it's just deep in your soul, in every muscle in your body. It just do sometimes, and sometimes it even DOES.
Person: hey are you okey, you seem a little bit down lately.

Other person: yeah, just not feeling it lately.

That first person again: yeah, sometimes it do.
by TinTinnitus January 17, 2019
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