"it rlly be like that sometimes..." is a term used mainly in texting and sometimes in conversation. often used in a sad contexts to relate to the person jokingly and often doesn't make any sense

friend:"man my dog just died and I'm sad"
you:"it rlly be like that sometimes..."
friend and you:snicker
friend:"it rlly do"
by i am you but you are nothing September 26, 2018
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Yetis exist. This particular type of person is the logical one. Sometimes it IS yetis making that huge branch crack in the middle of the campground. Sometimes its the Russian government doing tests in the mountains; just never know!

If you meet someone who says 'its sometimes yetis'. You probably found the one that would help you survive in the wilderness.
Sometimes....its a deer the dog is barking frantically at in the middle of the night; but we all know Its Sometimes Yetis
by A Minnesotan April 23, 2019
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some crimes
A: sometimes
B: some crimes
by mrghost April 14, 2018
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Smth like ich always wanted Always defia the word sometimes
by Iollooou May 29, 2020
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Am outsider to a relationship, where the outsider doesn't want a serious relationship but is there sexually for one party in the relationship.
Gary and I have been a relationship for 3 years now, but he friend Paul is my sometimes...
by Vashtiashanti July 13, 2019
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"When will you be able to climb?"
"Sometime after XX:XX"
by ZeWhip April 11, 2017
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