Boasting about ones penis size. When you can hold your tool with one hand on top of the other and there is more sticking out, that is Something Else.
Would you be interested in having Something Else?
by Fruit Loop of Al November 16, 2018
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Another name for native Americans as coined by cnn during their exit polls of the 2020 presidential election
by Mr something else November 5, 2020
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This phrase is typically used when you don’t agree with someone’s actions. It could also mean that you are fed up with a person.
Thomas took all the drinks for himself” “Dude that’s petty. This kid is something else!”
by Corboda January 24, 2018
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Student run collegiate sketch comedy based out of Ball State University. It may be illegal to laugh this hard at sketches premiering every week involving topical humor and good ol' fashion charisma.
Oh Man! I saw this bitchin' sketch yesterday at Something Else Tv! It was so funny I almost died.

Tits and boobies!
by Billy Everyteen February 6, 2008
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When you hold your MEAT with both hands, it's the part that hangs out the end.
"How did that ugly bastad get a hot looking whore like that" ? Reply, "He's probaly got ""That little something else"!
by greaseit December 31, 2011
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an ok online comic, I would give my fullhearted support if the shadow feared me and drew my likeness.
by impreza December 15, 2003
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When you search something up on Urban dictionary and have to pour bleach in your eyes, then apologize to your school board.
"Insert student name come to the office." You hustle down the dirty ragged hallways of hell, waiting for punishment.

"Why did you search that up?" the bearded principal says in disgust.

You stutter, "I'm sorry, school administrators. I thought this meant something else..." The bearded principal glares at you, clicking his pen.

"Fine," he says. The room practically darkens, "I forgive you, child.."
by Pwaaool February 4, 2021
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