The act of coming up with a solution to a problem, or perceived problem, when all one wants really is an empathetic ear.
I was trying to tell her about what was going on at work and she kept solutionizing in stead of just listening.
by EB The Great! February 15, 2012
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Finder of solutions.
Jules Seymour is an very good solutioner. Especially in regard to sorting issues in MS Word.
by Philip Nourse October 30, 2009
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Software application written to solve a non-existent problem. A solution in search of a problem
That code to track contents of your frig is solutionism at its finest
by Colonnade July 4, 2017
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A person that provides a solution to a problem.
As a solutionizer, Lee always was able to find a solution to the problem.
by Lee Salzmann April 27, 2008
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A person who is always coming up with solutions within technology related fields
Jim is truly a Solutioneer when it comes to complex coding.
by Ellis911 March 2, 2016
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Working on the technical details of a solution with an insufficient grasp of the problem it's trying to solve. Can occur when engineers are exploring cool technology for its own sake or when requirements are unclear.
Hmm, does anyone really need to control their toaster from their smartphone or are we just solutioneering here?
by grlGeek April 23, 2020
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