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adjective or noun. One who prefers masturbation over other forms of sex.
Gloria Stewart, actress and solosexual said: "I do not need a man. I am devoted to masturbation. I think it’s probably one of the most pleasurable experiences in life. I had and have no guilt whatsoever when it comes to pleasuring myself."
by hotwhispers October 28, 2009
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Someone who masterbates a lot, but has absolutely no desire whatsoever to ever have sex with someone else.
Kelly became a nun because she is a very religious, Catholic, solosexual.
by Father Jesseppe Testosterone December 08, 2006
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Noun. One who would rather masterbate versus having sex with another.
I'd rather be solosexual than fuck them broke ass bitches that aint paying for none of my shit.
by SPOOKIEONE December 22, 2008
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To prefer your own company over others. Being straight but would rather be alone than in a relationship
I love her but I'm solo-sexual , rather be alone than hurt her.
by Ghost_though January 06, 2018
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someone who doesn't get laid and has to resort to masturbating all the time
Peter: John did you get laid yet?
John: nope i'm still in the solo sexual class
by Verdikt Prank Calls April 25, 2010
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