As a kid, his dad owned a McDonald's and his mom owned a burger king. He ate for free whenever he was hungry. When he got tired of mickie D's, he went to BK, and vice-versa.

Childhood obesity came and the doctors didn't give him too long to live. The make-a-wish foundation gave him his dream of being in the hip-hop industry before he would "die"... but that was like... 15 years ago? Proving his resolve, at the same time proving doctors wrong and he's not gonna soon stop rapping... oops I mean "Rapping".

One thing he never changed from his childhood: He starts his day in a fast food restaurant, ends it that way too, unless his dinner doesn't go down right, in which case, it ends on the crapper.
We love Fat Joe, well not his music, but him. And so we NEED to constantly tell him the two most important words... Jenny Craig... Fat joe, you need Slim Fast... and FAST
by Raw Doggy April 5, 2010
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Fat Joe is the only non-black person in the universe who isn't called a racist by saying "muh niggas". Fat Joe is the love child of Porky Pig and Jennifer Lopez. He is perhaps the ugliest human alive, yet we love him because he is obese... as long as he's at a safe distance from us and our dinner plates.
"I can't look at Fat Joe because it makes me want to yank my eyes out and rub icy hot on my crotch"
"Fat Joe is SOOOO cute! I'd totally fuck him, hes a teddy bear!"
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 21, 2004
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A Fat Garbage-Ass rapper who tries to be like Biggie Smalls. He also likes to wear pink and lick the bottoms of sneakers (see MTV CRIBS). Nasty ass biotch!!!!!!
Fat Joe needs to join Weight Watchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by none of yo beeswax July 24, 2004
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Giant man who licks the bottoms of sneakers, and has many fat men lurking around his house.
Rather than taking the advice of his nutritionist, Fat Joe prefers to lick the bottoms of sneakers because they taste like migrant childrens' sweat.
by JenThe80'sFan August 30, 2004
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fat ass "rapper" who's day begins and ends at mickydees
lean *pant* back lean *pant* back, *fat ass falls after he leans*
by emmanem April 1, 2005
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An ugly, but proud Puerto Rican lard ass who looks more like a zumo-wrestler than anything, he acts black which is the funniest part of it.
His raps are pretty lame as well
by hi April 16, 2005
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An ugly, fat rapper who has thousands of little animals killed to make all the faggy fur coats he oh so enjoys and constantly raps about in his commerically-driven pop songs.
I wish Fat Joe would hurry up and die of a heart attack. I hate that fat ass, pink-wearing faggot.
by Def Juxxin October 24, 2004
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