A 'friendly' way to say "so fucking".
"Dag, yo! I am sofa king high!"
"I could jump off a cliff, I'm sofa king bored..."
"I'm sofa king stoned..."
"You're sofa king stupid!"
by Anonymous June 28, 2003
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A great drunking bar trick. To get someone to make a fool of themselves by having them repeat a set of words out loud quickly.
by Sir DorkALot April 20, 2005
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Deriving from ‘Sofa King’, a play on "so fucking", sofa-king is to be used as an adjective-modifying adjective.

See über.
I am sofa-king tired right now.
by Victor Van Styn August 10, 2005
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Another way to say 'so fucking'.
Or, just a really cool display name on myspace.

ie: Sofa King Cool
Ashley: hey, look at that Brad's the Sofa king.

Brad: No dipshit. Think about it.
by asdfghjk21sofaking September 30, 2009
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It is a polite way of swearing. Used inserted into a sentence, when pronounced sounds like a common curse word. However written out, it looks like an innocent mistake at first glance.
This show is Sofa-king stupid.
That is Sofa-king awesome.
by angryscribbles February 17, 2009
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