1.Straight up

2.Yeah that's cool

3.It can be used when excited or shocked
4.Can also be used in an unbelievable manner
5.The term was created by Gracey Yall
1. Hey Stan you going out tonight, Stan replies socks and shoes
2. Hey you don't mind if I borrow your ps3, replies socks and shoes
3.Hey man I got you a striper, replies socks and shoes
4.You know Gary got a 5000 bill, replies SOCKS AND SHOES
by Itz GRacey Yall December 12, 2009
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a hand in poker consisting of 2 pair 3's and 2's
person1 i got a pair of aces

person 2: i win, i got socks and shoes
by the green guy July 23, 2009
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To stretch ones sock downwards until the ankle of the sock is under the heel of the shoe.
girl 1: OMG guys the latest fashion trend is the sock shoe
girl 2: I think it looks totally stupid
by A_Guy November 20, 2013
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While driving, a male will remove one shoe, then sock, and then put the shoe back on the bare foot but placing the sock on his genitals to masturbate cleanly and discretely.
While being stuck in LA traffic, John decided to have a one sock, two shoes cruise to help pass the time.
by Mythattak May 22, 2017
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