The best person you could ever meet she is so pretty, so nice to everybody but some people are jerks to her for no reason anyway she is smart, attractive, cute, has a great smile, and is the best girlfriend anyone could ask for and for that I love u
Look at her she is hotter than the sun, yep she has to be a gracey
by bruh123465 June 23, 2016
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A beautiful, gorgeous girl that is also cute and adorable. Also sort of short.
A girl that is all her own.
Sometimes stress can get to her but she handles it with a warm smile. Gracey is a very kind-hearted girl that everyone can't help but love. Gracey's will go far in life.
Guy 1: That girl was so nice to me! And she was gorgeous!

Guy 2: Must've been a Gracey!

Guy 1: Wow! how did you know?
by Gracealis January 8, 2012
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Little annoyance who can not punch to save her life, she makes fun of people for being intellectually challenged.
Gracey is a poohead
by IAMANTIGRACEY October 12, 2020
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Gracey is a very over dramatic women who has a big heart for all people. She the gullible type because she’s too nice to others.. they call her crazy she sure is! She’s athletic and an amazing friend that would somehow talk you out of anything:)
“Ay where’s Gracey? I miss her crazy ass!”

“Yeah she out prolly playing baseball

“Hit them balls Gracey!!”
by hotanonuser June 23, 2019
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Gracey’s are beautiful, and are often known for their big booties. Everyone can’t help but love her, and she is very much the life of the party. However, their fatal flaw is that they will do anything for male attention.
Friend 1: Damn, I love that girl, but she talked shit about me to my man!

Friend 2: Oh, you’re talking about Gracey.

Boy 1: Damn, she’s got a huge ass!!

Boy 2: Oh yeah, she’s hot. She sent me nudes while she was dating 8 of my closest friends!
by BitchLickMyBalls April 30, 2018
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Gracei are pretty most of the time, Gracei are somewhat smart and they like to be around people. Gracei can sometimes be good friends one thing for sure don’t expect loyalty from Graceis this girl can is called Miss I can steal your boyfriends guys can’t resist her. This girl loves drama which most likely learns from her mama and she can throw a tantrum just like her dad. Beware she would stab you in the back if she needs too. She is friendly and a very beautiful happy in her own little world.
Gracei can steal your man.
by CatLadylove December 10, 2020
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She is the most clumsy and ‘interesting’ person ever. She constantly falls down like a floppy fish and she smells like one too. She is a very pee pee presence.
Person: what is that smell? 🤢🤮
Person 2: oh it’s gracey acey, she fell like a floppy fish so she smells like one too.
by Fcbjbnk April 20, 2020
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