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another version of a social butterfly, only in this case the subject (moth) wants everyone to like him/her only they get the opposite reaction e.g. nobody likes them. This indvidual may or may not have a whorish lifestyle, which may or may not be effective due to their typically under-managed hygiene, particularly in the oral region.
Guy 1: Did you see that guy? He wants to be friends with everyone, but nobody likes him.

Guy 2: Ohhh, he's just a social moth. Nobody likes moths...
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e September 02, 2007
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Similar in nature to a Social Butterfly in that they are attracted to social events, or anywhere a number of people are gathered.

The main difference being that while a Social Butterfly is usually more outgoing and well liked by their social group(s), Social Moths gather around the popular people & places without being particularly popular themselves, much like a moth is attracted to a bright light.

Social Moths usually aren't particularly attractive or talented and tend to lack any real personality so they gather around people with those qualities to make themselves appear more interesting.

Not to be confused with a Wallflower who may actually have a great personality but is generally just introverted or shy in large groups.

Steve: Aww man, Dave showed up again. Who invites him anyway?

Tony: Yeah, he's a total Social Moth, showing up uninvited and hangin around all the popular people but he really doesn't have many friends.
by DicemanLucky7 August 09, 2008
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More or less the opposite of both a loner and a of course, a social butterfly, from which the term gets its name.

A loner prefers to do things his or her own way, and because of this avoids social contact and does not wish to be part of most groups.

A social butterfly is typically the life of the party, they have connection with all cliques and are generally well liked even if only for shallow reasons. They thrive in any situations that would allow them to flex the interpersonal skills.

A social moth on the other hand desperately wants to be a social butterfly, they look up to and even idealize the social butterflies they know; but secretly wish people would love and respect how "wonderful and unique they are" They try to befriend people who they deem as worthy of their praise and often chase around those that actually do have good social skills pathetically hoping to snag some of their glory.
Tim: I used Facebook to invite everyone to the party on Friday
Zack: I saw it, and I got an email from Bethany with some decoration suggestions.
Tim: I didn't even invite her. Last time she harassed everyone by trying to hand out dozens of political fliers when they left.
Zack: She heard about the party and invited herself, she's a social moth!
by LoneCourier November 03, 2010
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Similar to a "social butterfly" in that it isn't. A person who:

1) Gollum-like; Scrupulously follows you or the limelight wherever it shines;

2) Is an irritant;

3) You can’t get out of your house no matter how hard you try;

4) Sometimes wears your clothes out;

5) Naturally offends tastes;

6) Thinks they're a social butterfly.
"Dude, I've made a huge mistake. My new girlfriend is a real social moth... Got any advice on dumping her gently?"

"Nope. You're boned."
by R0h4n September 16, 2009
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A Female who is extremely outgoing and who flourishes in social situations of any kind, and is always fun to be around, yet is extremely displeasing to the eyes.
Guy 1: "We should call Sonja, if she's not with someone else already. She's the baddest Social Moth I know "

Guy 2: "I feel you on that one Guy, not if she was the last woman on earth, but what other girl do we know that plays COD and makes us sandwiches?"
by WellShodRod March 23, 2011
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Similar to a Social butter fly but you get distracted by shiny things or people just seat you away.
Dude 1: hey man why don't you come to this party?
Dude 2: I would but I'm a bit of a social moth.
by FreedomGriffin May 29, 2018
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