The quintessential angry ex-child star. He's short, he's overbuilt and he's got an attitude.
That dude got me so aggro I went Bonaduce on him!
by moontrout September 26, 2005
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A cocktail drink that includes any type of vodka, poured half and half with cranberry juice.

(made popular by Danny Bonaduce and his drunken rage from his hit reality show "Breaking Bonaduce")
"Bartender, can I please have a Bonaduce?"
by Disco Jules January 25, 2008
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A Bonaduce is a male “ball-fro”of bushy and unruly bright orange Pubic hair
OMG! Rodney isn’t even embarrassed that his Bonaduce is billowing out the sides of his Speedo
by Apollo83 July 16, 2022
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Along the same lines as owned
Word created following the recent 2007 Fox awards show, in which Danny Bonaduce threw a now somewhat less tooth-y Johnny Fairplay onto his smug face, for attempting to what can only be decribed as "chest-hump" him.
Folling a an incident in which a man has been struck about the head with a skateboard for calling someone a niggerfaggot - "Aw that dude got totally bonaduced!"
by Kirwanovich October 5, 2007
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A euphemism for a "bowel movement" or the actual items from the bowel movement.
I had a wicked Bonaduce after that Thai dinner last night. Or, You should have seen the size of that bonaduce I dropped!
by Timseltown October 21, 2011
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You are having sex with a girl from behind and right before you are about to blow a load, you clench up your fist and blast her in the ribs.
The bonaduce blow is far better than the donkey punch.
by Ryan Bovee April 20, 2008
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