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A sex game.

Passing cum from person to person in such a way that the amount of cum increases.
Man cums in womans mouth, she spits cum into another womans mouth and a man cums in it too. She spits this into another womans mouth and so it goes on, back and forth till the last woman has to swallow a massive glop of cum. The "snowball" effect, see?
by top dog December 15, 2003
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A very kinky sexual game when after someone has had sperm ejaculated into their mouth they hold it orally rather than spitting or swallowing, then french-kiss with their partner. It can also apply with two guys or a group with at least one guy involved (no duh).
Aftering Russell ejaculated in Kat's mouth they started snowballing.
by raspberry (lust) muffin June 08, 2005
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after a woman performs oral sex on a man and than spits his cum into another womans mouth.
after i blew my load in her mouth she grabbed her girlfriend and went snow balling.
by scott crowley December 17, 2005
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1) What an ex-girlfriend does to get back at her boyfriend.

How To Perform a Snow Ball On a Guy:
First the girl must trick the guy into giving him a blowjob (not hard to do). Once the guy jizzes in her mouth, she must keep it in her mouth until she goes back up to kiss the guy and spit it all back in his mouth.
1) My friend Ryan said to me one time, "Look. Once a girl does that to me, it's time to start smacking the bitch around."
by Fuzzy October 19, 2004
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when a man cums into a females mouth and then she spits it into the mans mouth
they went out and were snowballing for hours
by billy bob May 14, 2003
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Taking your man's cum in your mouth and not swallowing or spitting and deep kissing your man and letting him take some of his own cum back.
My Gay boyfriend and I just had sex and I took his load in my mouth and after sucking more cum from his spent cock He French kiss me taking some of it back. It was so damn hot thus snowballing with my man.
by Jimjames April 26, 2008
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When you slowly increase your lead on your lane partner in League of Legends by farming minions and getting more kills.
The Irelia slowly snowballing over the Jayce as she quickly farmed minions and ganked the mid for a kill.
by Mkgrider23 October 20, 2012
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