That asian kid who plays counterstrike for hours on end and still knows enough to help u cheat in every subject.
by matt March 31, 2005
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An amazing and beautiful friend. Although they are shy, they have many friends because of their kind and caring personality. Yi’s are usually very pretty and will attract many boys/girls. If you need a shoulder to lean on go to a Yi and they will help you out😃. At first a Yi might be quite awkward or shy and may not talk to you but if you get to know them well they will be the bestest if friends!
“Have you seen that girl Yi, she’s so pretty and wonderful”.
by Willis.oo February 14, 2019
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Noun- the pinnacle of sexual excitement; the ultimate destination of pleasure; a substitute for orgasm; mainly said by Chinese people from the South

Verb- to expel bodily fluids during sexual activity or when aroused
Dang Man! when Gabby walked into the band room I couldn't help but yi all in my pants.
by kansasalltheway6969 March 20, 2011
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A popular greeting widely considered to have originated in the underground East coast rap scene. Credited in it's earliest uses to rappers Queue and Illustrious C of the Hip Hop group Legion of Doom. A combination of 'Yo' and 'Hi', it rhymes with the latter.
"Yi muthafucka, time to pull out my nine. 'Gonna slap a couple bitches fo' I guzzle some wine." ~From the track 'Upscale Anal' as featured on the Legion of Doom album 'Jockstrap in my Martini'.
by Sizzle Mac August 6, 2006
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The guy who smells incredible and has a huge penis. Great with animals as pets. Also has great sex in cars, trucks, airplane bathrooms, closet, classrooms, offices, etc. Like a beast of the wild of sex.
I wish you were a hammer Yi, so you could nail me.
by Thatoneguy2112 October 21, 2011
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a wonderful friend who is very enjoyable, pleasant, pleasurable, agreeable, delightful, satisfying, gratifying, acceptable, entertaining, amusing, diverting, subtle, delicate, precise, accurate, careful, meticulous, scrupulous, rigorous, and ultra-fine. Yi always pretty and care for other ppl they are the definition of perfect. they are amazing in very shape and form. they should get a award for being the most kindest person ever! they should enjoy everything in life and have good friends and family. they need a break for everything they did hard on and should have anything they want in the world. if yi had a bf/gf: “ You are the life in my days that makes them lively, the one that does everything to bring out the sweet part of me. I don’t care to know how you do this, but I’m perfectly fine with what you’re doing to me. Being with you, holding you in my arms, looking into your eyes, my world comes alive. You have taken charge of my life and I definitely do love it that way. You are the only woman that my heart beats for and that’s how it will be forever. You’re my heaven, my paradise, my sweetheart and my soul companion. I love that I met you and I love you. My heart is yours forever baby, you are the only one I love and will always love. You are my world that my reflection falls on at all times. You’re not just special darling, you’re unique in every possible way.
random 1: have you ever heard of yi?
random 2: yes! they are the best person everrrr!
by sunyua November 1, 2022
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n: extra large oompa-loompa that looks like a stupid whore with bleached blond dyed hair with excess black roots, gel/ hairspray, highlights, and eye makeup. Extra fake boobs usually pop out of the hot pink shirt that was purchased 10 sized too small with an exposed long dangly silver belly button ring that was most likely pierced at a grimey stand on the board walk.
Eli: When the fuck did she become a yi?
by Jackintheback3 June 2, 2011
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