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That asian kid who plays counterstrike for hours on end and still knows enough to help u cheat in every subject.
Goddamit Yi. You friggin asians know everything.
by matt March 31, 2005
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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
by Timbs March 08, 2017
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A spinoff of the term "A.I." (artificial intelligence), a "Y.I." or "your intelligence" technology is any programmatic entity designed to perform tasks like you would as an individual. This might include any of the visual, linguistic, behavioral, or decision-making operations an A.I. would perform, but done in a way characteristically like "You."

If there were a Turing test for a Y.I., it would be to convince a subject's close friends and family members that it was, in fact, "You".

(Also know as a "My.I.", or "My Intelligence")
Jennifer's intelligent doorbell was equipped with Y.I., so as I pressed its sleek, glowing button, it quipped back at me in an all too Jenny-like sardonic tone, "Wait."
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by Otomo Money March 09, 2020
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Noun- the pinnacle of sexual excitement; the ultimate destination of pleasure; a substitute for orgasm; mainly said by Chinese people from the South

Verb- to expel bodily fluids during sexual activity or when aroused
Dang Man! when Gabby walked into the band room I couldn't help but yi all in my pants.
by kansasalltheway6969 March 20, 2011
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A popular greeting widely considered to have originated in the underground East coast rap scene. Credited in it's earliest uses to rappers Queue and Illustrious C of the Hip Hop group Legion of Doom. A combination of 'Yo' and 'Hi', it rhymes with the latter.
"Yi muthafucka, time to pull out my nine. 'Gonna slap a couple bitches fo' I guzzle some wine." ~From the track 'Upscale Anal' as featured on the Legion of Doom album 'Jockstrap in my Martini'.
by Sizzle Mac August 05, 2006
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The guy who smells incredible and has a huge penis. Great with animals as pets. Also has great sex in cars, trucks, airplane bathrooms, closet, classrooms, offices, etc. Like a beast of the wild of sex.
I wish you were a hammer Yi, so you could nail me.
by Thatoneguy2112 October 21, 2011
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A word used to greet someone. A combination of "yo" and "hi." It rhymes with "hi." It was popularized by underground east coast legends Illustrious C and Queue of Legion of Doom fame.
"Yi, holmes. What's crackin'?"
by Incarnadine August 05, 2006
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