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When a beautiful girl dates exceptionally lame guys, often at the same time or one after another, because she is afraid to be alone and wants to hear that she is the 'fairest of them all.'

Based on the fairy tale where that pretty white chick sleeps with seven dwarfs in the woods
Yeah, she has snow-whited her whole life. I don't think she's ever been single.

How did he end up with that girl? Simple, man, she's a snow-white

You think she'd date me? She might snow-white ur ugly ass

She has been snow-whiting as long as I've known her
by Mister Private February 09, 2017
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When you are punch drunk and you have an orgy with 7 other people.
" Hey dude, last night was crazy. I went snow whiting."
by Paul Coolwhip March 18, 2016
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